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Consciousness: Quotes from David R. Hawkins' works
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phoenix awoken
"To limit the mind to what it provably knows is to reduce it in size and influence so it becomes one's servant and not one's master."

"With contemplation and meditation, the belief in an imaginary 'I' as one's actual self diminishes as all phenomena are realized to be happening of their own and not as a consequence of an inner volitional 'I'."
It is at first sometimes disconcerting to realize that all the events of life are impersonal, autonomous interactions of all the facets of prevailing conditions of nature and the universe. These include bodily functions, mentations, and the value and meaning the mind places on thoughts and events. ...
In listening to one's thoughts, one realizes one is just listening to all that programming."

(The Eye of the I, 122-124)

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26th-Sep-2008 01:24 pm - Ego isn't "wrong", but limited...
phoenix awoken
"The problem with the ego is not that it is wrong; it is just that it is limited and distorted. To conceive of the ego as an enemy is to become polarized, bringing forth conflict, guilt, anger, and shame. Positionalities support the ego. By enlarging context, opposites are transcended and problems are dissolved. Humility removes the ego's underpinnings of judgmentalism, positionality, and moralizing. In Reality, there can no longer be opposites anymore than there can be winners or losers."

(The Eye of the I, 244)

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phoenix awoken
Remembering that part of his definition is...
"Willingness implies that one has overcome inner resistance to life and is committed to participation." (203)

"Spiritual dedication and effort bring unanticipated rewards that confirm the validity of the commitment. [...] There is a greater sense of aliveness and appreciation for life as its quality progressively improves. [...] Struggle is replaced with ease, and life itself becomes innately attractive and pleasing.

With the relinquishment of resistance, less effort is required to function in the world."

(Transcending the Levels of Consciousness 204)

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phoenix awoken
(Transcending the Levels of Consciousness p. 218)

"Acceptance [of reality and personal responsibility] brings peace by inclusion rather than by rejection or denunciation, thus offering the security necessary for the development of rationality and the intellect."

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phoenix awoken
(Transcending the Levels of Consciousness p. 252)

"By intention, awareness may be changed from the perceptual duality of good/bad to witnessing 'desirable' versus 'less desirable', or even just preferable or less preferable."

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15th-Sep-2008 08:22 am - From the profile of Willingness
phoenix awoken
(Transcending the Levels of Consciousness p. 203)

"The willing are not troubled by unemployment; they will take any job when they have to, or create a career, or become self-employed. They do not feel demeaned by service jobs or starting 'at the bottom'. They are helpful to others and tend to volunteer, contributing to the good of society."

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