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hawkinsquotes's Journal

Consciousness: Quotes from David R. Hawkins' works
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Consciousness: Quotes from David R. Hawkins' works
Brand new community!

odyssey_bold intends to maintain this community single-handedly, but posting is open to anyone who wants to add their own David R. Hawkins quotes. Keep quotes short, since his stuff is copyrighted. I'm predicting between 1-4 quotes per day max.

I'm currently adding brief personal comments or reflections in order to better satisfy fair use laws about stealing copyrighted material. =) [update] I'm putting them behind cuts, because I know I don't want to pollute Hawkins' message upfront. If you have an opinion of any sort on this, I'm all ears.

I might add more info on Hawkins here. He's a controversial figure, for a number of good reasons. But I feel he has a lot of great wisdom regardless, particularly when he sticks to the levels of consciousness - which is his greatest intellectual achievement, in my opinion.

If you like a quote and want more discussion on it, we've got the go-ahead to cross-post on the nonduality community. Take anything and toss it over there at will!