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Consciousness: Quotes from David R. Hawkins' works
Secret payoffs of the mind 
1st-Oct-2008 06:37 pm
phoenix awoken
"One can fall into the temptation of feeling sorry for oneself, or angry, or worried. The secret attraction of all these options is that they offer an inner payoff or a secret satisfaction, which is the source of the attraction of the mind's thoughts.

If these payoffs are refused, it will be discovered that, at all times, behind the thought screen, there is a silent, invisible, thought-free space of joy."

(The Eye of the I, 79)

After a series of sh*tty misfortunes and mistakes I threw up my hands and started brooding on the couch. Knowing this wasn't the best use of my time or energy, and was reinforcing an unhelpful pattern for later, I thought I'd come to Hawkins to see what he thinks...!
2nd-Oct-2008 09:51 am (UTC)
Thank you for creating this community. It has been inspiring so far. I also like to read your personal comments.
2nd-Oct-2008 03:56 pm (UTC)
Cool, thanks, you're welcome.

haha, glad you like my random commentary.

PS: I just started doing the same thing with Stephen Covey quotes at coveyquotes, in case that interests you. It helps me "check in" with these great authors so that hopefully they'll rub off on me. And other folks while I'm at it.
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